Usage and content policies:

Rules for using MeetupMoto

Be Real

MeetupMoto profiles are intended to represent real people in a local area. MeetupMoto member profiles must be honest and authentic.

Be Honest: Intentions, Affiliations, Transparency

All members should be open about who they are, their intentions, and their affiliations. All group and event descriptions should be accurate, so members can make informed decisions about their participation.

Be Yourself: Fake Accounts & Impersonation

Creating fake accounts, malicious accounts, or accounts meant to impersonate another person, is prohibited on MeetupMoto.

Be Respectful

Respecting people’s time, attention, personal choices, and personal boundaries is essential to creating safe and trusting communities. Be respectful in interactions with people and in content posted on the platform. MeetupMoto monitors and restricts behaviours that are dishonest, undermine the integrity of the platform, violate personal boundaries, or serve to intentionally upset people.

Message Respectfully: Don’t Spam

Content sent to a member that is irrelevant, impersonal, unsolicited, promotional, or repetitive is spam. Remember this is a motorcycle social platform that is for motorcycle content only and for general interaction between riders is acceptable unless deemed spamming. If you want to promote your motorcycle brand in any way please contact us.

Set Appropriate Expectations and Honor Them: Don’t Tamper with Groups or Events

Converting or changing events in a group or event, so that they no longer align with the expectations and purpose set by the organizer and leadership team, is misleading and not allowed.

The intentions of the group should remain consistent with member expectations as set in the group description.


Stepping up as organizer to a MeetupMoto in order to change the focus of the group, to close the group, to send or post promotional content, or to send or post content not aligned with the original description of the group, is prohibited. If it is your intention to change the meaning or purpose of a group, we advise that you start a new group instead. If a group gets a new organizer, the mission of that group should stay the same. Events in a group should reflect intentions expressed in the group description.


Altering the content or settings of a group without permission from the main organizer, or in a way that is not aligned with the purpose of that group, is prohibited. Any use of MeetupMoto tools or features to disrupt the group or destroy content for the purpose of undermining or undercutting the established community is a violation of our policies.

Honour Requests for Distance: About Block and Ban Decisions

If you are blocked, you’re blocked. Members must accept and respect any organizer’s decision to ban a member from a group, or a member’s decision to block a member from contacting them. Creating new accounts to circumvent block or ban decisions is prohibited.

Sexual Content and Nudity

Pornography is not allowed on MeetupMoto. Publicly shared photos must be appropriate for general audiences. Nude or sexual photos are not allowed in public spaces. 


If nudity or sexuality is part of a group’s identity or lifestyle, organizers must keep the group Private in order to limit access to this content to members of that group. MeetupMoto expects leadership teams to monitor this content.

Sex Solicitation and Prostitution

MeetupMoto prohibits groups that, or individuals who, use MeetupMoto to proposition for sex or to promote or engage in prostitution. For policies on groups that may contain such content, please see “Pornography, nudity, or sexual content” and “Mature interests that are not transparent”.

Shocking, Disturbing, and Violent Content

Gratuitously graphic, disgusting, obscene, or violent content is prohibited. We don’t allow content posted to upset, shock, or disturb a MeetupMoto community or its members. 

Child Exploitation

MeetupMoto has a zero-tolerance policy regarding child pornography or anything MeetupMoto HQ believes exploits, sexualizes or fetishizes minors. Such content will be removed from the platform and the uploader will be banned. MeetupMoto reports all child pornography to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

Ask for Permission: Consent

MeetupMoto defines consent as welcomed communications and actions to engage with a member. Engaging with anyone in a non-consensual way is strictly prohibited. If ever in doubt, ask permission.

Respect Privacy: Don’t Post Other People’s Private Information

Posting other people’s private information without their explicit consent is prohibited. …

Members and organizers should always be mindful of privacy and use discretion when sharing any private content that belongs to themselves or to other members. For example, phone numbers, social security numbers, addresses, financial information, passwords, and government identification are considered private information.

Be Kind

Bullying, harassment, exploitation, and acts of hate undermine community building in safe spaces where people can trust one another. Building real relationships requires us to be more compassionate and kinder towards one another. MeetupMoto enforces against behaviours that are threatening, intentionally malicious, or personally harmful–physically, emotionally, or mentally.

Be Compassionate: Don’t Harass, Bully or Shame

Harassment and bullying are not allowed on MeetupMoto. MeetupMoto will honour requests to remove content that publicly shames or degrades a private individual. 

Members should first contact the uploader or the organizer to request that content be removed.

Harassment is persistent or non-consensual contact from another member. Bullying is the intentional posting of mean content for the purpose of hurting or embarrassing another.

MeetupMoto will honour requests to remove nude, lewd or shaming photos if the subject of that content reports it. Content targeting a public figure, organization, or anyone who has gained news attention, is not subject to these policies.

Act with Integrity: Do Not Manipulate or Exploit

Any attempt to use someone’s insecurities or vulnerabilities for personal gain is considered manipulation or exploitation and is prohibited.

Hate and Supremacy

Hate speech, supremacy, or behaviour that incites hate or violence against individuals or groups of people based on who they are or their beliefs, is prohibited.

Be Safe

All organizers and members should take ownership over their personal safety and should never put themselves or others in danger. We expect all organizers and members to be mindful of local laws when engaging with their groups. Where appropriate, organizers should also set guidelines for their events to ensure their members are participating safely.

No Threats, Violence, or Personal Endangerment

Using MeetupMoto to promote, facilitate, or organize violent, criminal, or non-consensual actions that endanger anyone, physically, mentally or emotionally, is prohibited. 

Credible threats of violence or aggression will be removed and are grounds for removal.


MeetupMoto does not allow any content that encourages or glorifies self-injury or encourages others to harm themselves.

Intellectual Property

We respect the intellectual property rights of others. Posting content that violates another party’s intellectual property rights is prohibited. 

When provided with the requisite information, MeetupMoto will remove or disable access to material that infringes on the intellectual property rights of others or remove accounts of those who may be repeat infringers. Please note that simply hosting an event around a similar topic in a shared location is generally not considered a violation of our policies.

Username squatting policy

Username squatting is prohibited by the MeetupMoto rules.

Please note that if an account has had no updates, no profile image, and there is no intent to mislead, it typically means there’s no name-squatting or impersonation. Note that we will not release squatted usernames except in cases of trademark infringement. If your report involves trademark infringement, please consult those policies for instructions for reporting these accounts. 

Attempts to sell, buy or solicit other forms of payment in exchange for usernames are also violations and may result in permanent account suspension.

If a member is using a username to impersonate another member we can ask for proof of identity and hold the right to remove the user holding the username such as in the case of known brands or influencers, freeing up the username. Other than proving your brand or company to retrieve a username, we will not pursue username squatting rules.

Report Abuse

We understand that managing a community comes with the bad as well as the good, you find some users can mistreat our service and other members. With that, we have a mediation system that allows users to report Content, User and Groups. We have a team of riders that are monitoring so that we can deal with the report as soon as possible. If the reporting system is set up so that the Content, User or Group in question can be suspended or hidden until it is dealt with by a member of our team.

If you or your content is the target of the report this is not an instant ban or deletion of the content, this is a mediation process so our team in the back end will determine if the material breaks our Usage & content policy or if it is acceptable and in which case will be reinstated.


In keeping with our privacy policy that maintains information privacy for our members any complaints made about another member will remain anonymous. Our Meetup Moto Team will contact and confront the issue and the member and provide the correct warnings.

Banning Members

MeetupMoto in protecting its motorcycle community retain the right to ban any member for what we would deem gross conduct and if deemed threatening towards another member contact authorities and provide details.

If the content is general and not aimed at a particular member, but deemed offensive our Meetup Moto Team will review and make our own decision if the content is of abusive nature whether the post is general biker banter, or if the member’s whole persona is abusive towards a particular movement, then we will make the decision to either remove the individual posts and warn the member about their conduct, or warn the user to change their profile, or do nothing and allow the content.

Other than Gross content which results in an instant ban, a member may receive two warnings and their contact removed and a third offence can result in an instant ban and the content removed.

No matter which scenario above takes place where the Meetup Moto Team has to get involved you will receive a private profile message or Email or Both members will be well aware and cannot plead ignorance.


Event spaces have been added for our members to be able to post event content for all members to view. MeetupMoto is only an online platform that allows members to show content to other members and is not responsible for the details of the Event or how accurate the event details are.

We, MeetupMoto, the company, are not responsible or liable for any Event, products or services you purchase including refunds, refund policy, outside counsel or any other cost incurred from dealing with a member or a members event on the MeetupMoto platform. If you have a discrepancy with any business or service on MeetupMoto we encourage you to get outside counsel and communicate with the company directly.


‘Spaces’ is our version of your motorcycle-orientated business pages that are linked to your account but are affectively a separate entity to your personal account. You have full access to the management of the ‘Space’ and is an area for you to display a business or service you have to offer.

Spaces fall under the same terms and conditions your personal account falls under with additions in that MeetupMoto and the platform only provides the space for you to add your content, we are not responsible for any business or interactions done with the business or the member who hosted the business on our platform. We, MeetupMoto, the company, are not responsible or liable for any product or service you purchase including refunds, refund policy, outside counsel or any other cost incured from dealing with a business on the MeetupMoto platform. If you have a discrepancy with any business or service on MeetupMoto we encourage you to get outside counsel and communicate with the company directly.

This advice is also true for any business or service a member adds to ‘Spaces’. If you chose to add your business or service to spaces it is done so at your own risk of promoting your business details in MeetupMoto ‘Spaces’. Any cost of doing business with any member of our community is at the business’s expense and MeetupMoto is not liable for any cost incurred by any transactions including; Shipping costs, Refund Costs or costs incurred from lawsuits for any reason.

Ride Journal

The Ride Journal feature is a feature for members to document their riding adventure with the use of words, images and videos. These documented rides by the members on MeetupMoto are intended only as inspiration. If you choose to copy another riders adventure from the Ride Journal, you do so at your own risk.

As motorcyclists in the motorcycle world, we know by riding a motorcycle we are faced with inherent risks as soon as we get on a motorcycle. To look out for members, we can only suggest that you take the full and proper precautions as set out in accordance with your country/territory/state laws that by completing, afforded your endorsement/license.

Any issues a rider encounters during any ride inspired by reading any content on the MeetupMoto platform is the responsibility of the rider and the rider only. MeetupMoto takes no responsibility for accidents, personal injury or vehicle damage, flat or punctured tires and tire repairs, motorcycle recovery costs for any reason, speeding tickets, reckless or illegal driving or behaviour of the rider(s) and any costs incurred from any of the above issues.

MeetupMoto Member restrictions

MeetupMoto takes member account privacy very seriously and has strict rules regarding who can access or create a Meetupmoto account. Please know we reserve the right to suspend or remove any account, or limit access to certain features of the platform, for any reason, at our sole discretion.

Deceased Member Policy

If a member or organizer passes away, MeetupMoto cannot provide access to their account, even to family members or people acting on the behalf of the estate. Meetupmoto will work with families and honour their wishes if they choose to close accounts or groups or transfer them to another member.

Motorcycle License Holders

Meetupmoto members and organizers must be at least 18 years of age. Therefore, groups must be targeted at, and only offer opportunities for those who are over 18. 

While site members might not yet hold or have a ban on their driving license inhibiting the riding activity, these members are still able to be active on the site as an event ticket purchased here is only for the service of the software/website design to provide the information and facilities our users want to see.

If however, a member breaks any laws by attending these events we do not condone this and have the right to remove the user from the site.

Criminal Record

MeetupMoto may remove certain members when we become aware that the member is a convicted sex offender or has been convicted of a violent, fraudulent, or dangerous crime. MeetupMoto may also remove a member based on their criminal record, for safety, or for other concerns. Members with concerns about criminal or illegal activity should always report it to local authorities.

The Biker Bucker List User Agreement

The Biker Bucket List Submission Docs.

If you are going for a distance ride – Your ride will start from the location of your first receipt which should match your google map route which you can screenshot or save or share for proof of your ride route.

Your receipt, can be from a restaurant or fuel fill-ups. If you incur multiple receipts along the way please number them to make it faster for our team to quickly process them. Also for particular badges that require a specific motorcycle model or engine size please take a snapshot of your receipt next to your motorcycle and or odometer.

PLEASE NOTE: Odometers are not exact proof of distance unless you can prove your odometer has been calibrated within 30 days of taking your trip unless you ride at least 50 miles past your target distance this is to account for percentage differences from different motorcycle brands odometer setups.

Location Badges: only one receipt is required of the destination such as if you are hitting the ‘State Capitals‘ then a receipt that shows the state postcode time and date is sufficient.

Where to Post Your Proof? There are many ways to do this only one is enough we will see it…

  1. You can either post all your pics into the ‘Biker Bucket List’ group activity feed. which you can do five images at a time write the badge you were going for and use the @bikerbucketlist which will notify us.
  2. If you need to post more than 5 mages then the best option is to post images into your profile image section create an album with the badge name which will always remain there as you’re digital proof and you can share that album or mention @bikerbucketlist and we will see it. (this is a more recommended route)
  3. If you rode with other fellow riders only one of you needs to post the proof as long as your fellow riders are in the images at any point and we can see they are in riding gear or with a bike and they are a member of MeetupMoto then you can just @Username and this will award the badges to all. – if they are not a member then get them to sign up before you post your docs.

Riders Responsibility


By acting on the steps required to take in completing any badges listed on our site, you do so knowing your own motorcycle experience and skills, therefore making your own choice at which badge rewards you should attempt within your experience and skillsets. We at MeetupMoto do not encourage any riders to attempt or ride outside their skill sets or comfort zone for any reason. Also if attempting any badges you do so in a safe location with safety measures in place so that in the event anything should go wrong, you do not risk harm to the public, Public Property and hopefully your own health.

By being a member of the MeetupMoto community you agree that, taking part in any of ‘The Biker Bucket List’ badges you do so legally and by following all motorcycle laws and restrictions endorsed by the state, territory, country you are in or are travelling to.

It is again the responsibility of all riders to make sure they have the correct paperwork entitling each and every rider to not only be qualified to ride the motorcycle they are on but to also have their correctly endorsed paperwork allowing them to ride a motorcycle in the country they reside in and any country they plan to travel to whether on an owned or rented motorcycle.

Your Motorcycle(s)

This stuff is good practice anyway, but we MeetupMoto encourage our members to maintain their motorcycles to roadworthy conditions and complete proper checking of the motorcycle before each and every ride. Before a rider attempts any badges on ‘The Biker Bucket List’, it is the responsibility of the rider to make sure the motorcycle they will be riding while completing badge requirements is maintained to the highest standard possible, and is deemed roadworthy by a professional mechanic or dealership.

Any issues a rider encounters during a ride is the responsibility of the rider and the rider only. MeetupMoto takes no responsibility for accidents, personal injury or vehicle damage, flat or punctures tire and tire repairs, motorcycle recovery costs for any reason, speeding tickets, reckless or illegal driving or behaviour of the rider(s) and any costs incurred from any of the above issues.

MeetupMoto Platform

We at MeetupMoto have created ‘The Biker Bucket List’ to provide incentives only to all motorcyclist enthusiasts. MeetupMoto is designed to provide an online space for motorcyclist and motorcyclist enthusiasts to engage and express their passions for motorcycles with other like-minded members and to create more reasons to get out and ride.